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Arthur Azevedo

My participation on the programa Spanish Wine Educators, conducted by Pancho Campo in Brazil, was a starting point for developing a new look over spanish wines. The quality of the information and the wines tasted gave me a deep immersion on the spetacular universe of the culture, the wine regions and wines of Spain. Pancho is an enthusiast and has perfect didatic skils, fact that was decisive to better understand the complexity of the subject. I strongly reccomend this course for those that want to know everything about the wines of Spain.

David Furer

In my quarter century working with wine I've encountered few people possessing the combination of material knowledge, on-the-ground experience, and communication skills comprising the best qualities of a wine educator. Pancho Campo demonstrates these estimable talents with a firm foundation earned from attention to tradition while keeping a keen set to contemporary standards. Whatever he sets his mind to is done with appropriate research coupled with sensible alacrity and a joy of sharing. While the world of wine is well within his scope, his home of Spain remains his speciality.